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Black Sheep's Wool                                                            


Nida Bangash's work entitled 'Black Sheep's Wool' is composed of two installations: A and B, containing twelve diptychs and eleven singular pieces, respectively. Installation A constitutes  of twelve envelops (4" x 9" each) with painted stamps (1" x 1.5" each); coupled with a series of twelve cotton-napkins marking stamped, one-liner letters. Installation B presents a series of photographs displayed as eleven stamp-sheets and  printed on A3 archival paper.

The core-weave of Bangash's installations seems to owe its origin to the shifts amongst mankind, led by travelling in and around the recent modern times. Building upon the tangible webs of communication through 'black and white': the two opposite yet equal means to fabricate reality- the works are aimed to begin their outreach with the primary human quest: to chart out and inhabit the similarities and differences of skin, race, language and appearance. 

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