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Toranj | ترنج

Based on a poem by the 14th century Persian and Sufi poets Kwaju and Hafez, Torang (The Bergamot) is a conversation between two people or perhaps God interrogating man. The poem alludes to the status of a bergamot orange as an attribute that is unattainable and unruly. The poem speaks of nonconformity. On the one hand, Toranj-i which is a mashq - repeated exercise - of trying to perfect what stands for the unattainable, standing next to it on the other hand is the copper and silver line drawing of a Toranj-ii which is being constantly tarnished by three white pigments - Lead, titanium zinc – that slowly tarnishes and transforms the drawing of a Toranj - the unattainable.

Toranj 1 _edited.jpg
Toranj 2 _edited.jpg
toranj 1 detail .jpg
Toranj detail .jpg
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