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SLICE is an international project that presents twenty new artworks created following a dialogue between UK and Pakistani artists.


SLICE maps an imaginary line that cuts through buildings and across streets from Lahore to London, establishing a new dialogue with the social and physical fabric of two iconic, complex and historically linked cities. Focusing on the first mile at each end of the line, which runs from Lahore Central Station to Liverpool Street Station in London, a group of Lahore and London based artists were invited to make a work each, inspired by a location on the slice.


Project details:



























Shrine of Holy and The Tree

This end of SLICE unlike its other end is filled with mysterious zones, un-acknowledged and  barely documented. so much so that one can’t even find an A-Z map of Lahore. this fact adds a lot of character to this zone as  digging into the history of The Shrine of Gujja Peer unleashed how difficult almost impossible is it to get to the core of reality? so tight are layers of fact and fiction weaved together forming a web strong enough to pull the wool over our eyes and i suppose this is not new for most parts of  Lahore city since layers  keep on building up and most of the “his-story” is passed on orally from one generation to the other and it seems like every father had a different story to tell! So in order to get the answers one must listen to all the stories and construct his/her own story as I lived in  ”The Book Of Answers”.




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