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Commissioned by Fujitsu Network Communications, Dallas, TX.


Water color, Ink, acrylic and graphite on waslee paper- set of 8 units, 3 x 4 Feet each,  6 x 16 feet installation.


Fire-Water, the name takes after one of the collaboration areas at the Fujitsu Network Communications headquarters, Dallas, TX. This 6 X 16 feet installation is composed of a set of eight 3 x 4 feet units, arranged in a matrix of two rows and four columns. An estimate of 48,048 1x1cm hand painted grid units, unite together into what looks like a dynamic amalgamation of two opposite poles.  The idea was to construct a tech-inspired image that synchronize with the space, yet instills imagination and innovation. Resulting in what looks deceptively like a digital image, yet every "pixel" is different from the other and no pixel is alike. In a way as the title evokes, Fire-water is an attempt to bring together polar opposites to set in harmony at various levels.


Commissioned by iCode inc, Dallas, TX.

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